Download Navicat Premium 15.0 for Linux

The new version of Navicat Premium 15.0 for Linux is now available for download. This new version brings some major upgrade compared to previous versions. Especially for the Linux edition, version 15.0 has a fresh new look. It is modern, nice looking and again easy to use. Below you can download the Navicat Premium 15.0 for Linux.

The new Navicat Premium 1 full version for Linux is distributed as AppImage file format.Which means, you can install it on any Linux distribution. You may install it on Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Manjaro and many more. If you are running CentOS, you may read how to install Navicat Premium 15.0 on CentOS 8.

Navicat Premium Features

  • Supports almost any Database servers including SQL Server, MariaDB, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and many more
  • Nice user interface, simple and very easy to use
  • Supports SSL/HTTP/SSH
  • Support both local and cloud database
  • Built in SQL or Query editor
  • Data Import and Export
  • Intelligent database designer
  • Read the full feature matrix

To download the Navicat Premium for Linux, please use the link below.

Please note that we do not provide Navicat Premium 15.0 full version, serial number, crack.

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