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Download Map from Google Satellite using Offline Map Maker 7.68

The new Google Earth Pro allows us to save high-resolution satellite imagery from Google Earth. But, if you need more features, we recommend you to try Offline Map Maker full version. Offline Map Maker is a Windows software that allows us to download images from various sources. We can download hi-res imagery from Google Satellite Map, Google Terrain Map, Yahoo Street Map, OpenStreetMap and many more.

The new version of Offline Map Maker 7.68 comes with a better performance and more stable. We’ve tested many times to download images from various sources.

Offline Map Maker Features

  • Supports many sources
  • Multiple zoom level available. This feature lets us download images from the server at various zoom level.
  • Support manual longitude/latitude, or use KML polygon file.
  • Easy to use, stable
  • A real-time and informative log file
  • Built-in map viewer
  • Export to sqlite database capability

How to Download Images using Offline Map Maker

First, download and install the Offline Map Maker. You can try the free trial version or purchase Offline Map Maker full version.

  1. Open the program and create a new task.
  2. Select Maps type
  3. Specify the longitude/latitude area
  4. Specify the download location
  5. Start download

The download process will vary depends on the area you specified. It will take longer if the download area is large. Make sure there is no error shown on the log window.

View the Downloaded Image using Map Viewer

Go to Tools | Map Viewer. It will open the Map Viewer window. Click Open and browse the task file you created on the previous step.

Offline Map Viewer is a useful software. From GIS perspective, this software can be improved with some GIS features such as export to a georeferenced image (geoTiff). But overall, Offline Map Maker done its job very well. It depends on how you are going to use the output.

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