DiskBoss 9.6 – Rich Features Disk Management for Windows

The new DiskBoss 9.6 is here. DiskBoss 9.6.24 is a powerful disk management for Windows. With this tool, you can perform many tasks related to your hard disk. DiskBoss comes with a nice user interface. It looks modern, with beautiful icons. This program will detect all the connected drives on your computer. It includes any external drives, memory card, USB flash drives and so on. On the left panel, you can see the directory tree where you can browse your files. Check out their website for more detailed information.

DiskBoss 9.6 Features

DiskBoss full version comes with many interesting features such as

  • Integrated file search
  • Folder sync
  • File and folder classification
  • Find duplicate files
  • Change file attributes
  • Compare directories
  • Remote folder analyse

File Search

Searching for files could be a pain in the ass. If the file indexing feature in Windows is not enabled, it will take a long time to search for a file in a huge hard drive. DiskBoss file search will eliminate this limitation. The File Search feature works very well.

Simply select the disk and then type your query to get started.

You can choose to display the chart based on number of files or disk space per extension.

Built in Folder Synchronization

You don’t have to install separate folder sync in case you want to synchronize your folders. DiskBoss has a built-in folder synchronization feature that let us to sync two folders quickly.

Duplicate File Finder

Why spending money for another duplicate file finder if you can get it for free with DiskBoss 9.6. Duplicate files can pile up and can slow down your computer. Get rid of any duplicate files with DiskBoss. The Duplicate File Finder feature is very useful to find and delete any duplicate files in your hard drive.

diskboss 9.6

After the scanning is completed, you can then create actions to the duplicate files. You can remove them, compress or move them to other directory.

There are still some other interesting features in DiskBoss. Get your own copy and start managing your disk and your files more efficient with DiskBoss.

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