Disk Drill 3 – Powerful Data Recovery for Mac OS X Mojave

Hello, welcome to another Mac software review. Today I am going to review the new version of Disk Drill 3. Data loss could happen to any of you. There are many reasons for it. Deleted partition or reformat, viruses, ransomware attacks could lead you to loss your valuable data. Well there are a lot of way and software to recover your data. But, rather than you spend a lot of time for the recovery process, we would recommend you to have a good backup. Good data backup will save you.

So what is Disk Drill 3 do? This is a special recovery software that runs on Mac. It supports the latest Mac OS X Mojave as well as previous Mac OS version. The main feature of this software is to recover any files deleted from your disk. It also possible to recover files from a deleted partition. Sounds great right?

The program itself comes with a simple user interface. Your hard disk drives will be visible on its main window. You can then need to choose action for your hard disk.

If you are running Mac OS X Mojave, you will need to do some extra steps in order to restore your data using Disk Drill 3. You will need to disable file system protection first before restoring your Mojave data. The guided tutorial to disable file system protection will show up when you click restore button.

Get Disk Drill 3

Please note that there is two version, the free one and the Pro one (paid). For better performance and more features, we recommend you to download the Disk Drill 3 Pro version.

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