DBeaver 5.1.6 – Free Database Tool You Must Have

I am managing several databases in different formats. Some clients use Microsoft SQL Server, and some others use MySQL and PostgreSQL. Managing different databases could be a complicated task if we don’t have the right tool. Mostly I use Navicat Premium 12 full version, which is great to handle different databases. But I also looking for a good alternative to it. And I thing DBeaver is a good Navicat Premium alternative. It is also free and open source.

DBeaver Features

  • Multi-platform : Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Multi database supports. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, Teradata, Firebird, Derby, etc.
  • Built-in query editor
  • Expandable feature with third party extensions
  • Nice user interface
  • Read the full list of features.

Inside DBeaver, you can do many things such as create new schema, edit or delete schema, create and edit users/roles, export and import data.

What we like

DBeaver comes with a bunch of features and it is free, even we can also upgrade to the enterprise edition. We can use this software to manage a cloud database such as Amazon RedShift and Athena. This is a valuable feature that can only be found on a premium software. The multi-platform support also very useful.

What we don’t like

The user interface seems too complex for a new user. Also, it lacks some important features such as database backup and database migration.

DBeaver Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the new DBeaver 5.1.6 on Windows 10.

Download Link

Ready to take action? Download the latest version of DBeaver 5.1.6 from this link.

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