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Cyberfox 52.8 – Secured web browser based on Firefox

Do you think Firefox is secure and fast enough? If not, you may want to take a look at Cyberfox 52.8. Cyberfox is a customized web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It was designed to take advantages of 64 bit architecture. Many people believe that Cyberfox is faster and more secure than Firefox. Even it is based on Firefox, there are many differences between them. Cyberfox comes with many personalization options for users. Also, you will miss some features such as Telemetry, Health report and sponsored tile.

Cyberfox 52.8 Features

  • Optimized for Intel and AMD processor
  • Compatible with Firefox extensions
  • Powered by Firefox source code

There are two default themes available: light and dark.

cyberfox 52.8

Better version of Firefox

In some sections, Cyberfox seems to be better than Mozilla Firefox. But at user’s eye there not much differences between Cyberfox and Firefox. The main difference is the user interface. Cyberfor supports multi process which means we can open multiple instances of Cyberfox.

You may have your own thought about Cyberfox. You can download Cyberfox installation and don’t forget to select the version that match with your processor.

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