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Cyberduck 6.6.2 Full Version Review and Download

The new version of Cyberduck 6.6.2 Full Version is available for download. Cyberduck is a simple but powerful tool to sync and backup local data to the cloud. It supports various cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many others. Cyberduck 6.6.2 comes to fix several issues such as:

  • Cannot write to some cloud storage (GDrive)
  • Repeated prompt for private key (SFTP, Mac App Store)
  • Authenticating with password protected ed25519 private key (SFTP)

cyberduck 6.6.2.png

Cyberduck is a cloud client explorer. We can use this software to browse for files stored in our cloud storage easily. Additionally, we can also synchronize our local folders to our cloud storage with Cyberduck.

cyberduck full version

To add a new connection, simply click Open Connection button. And then select the cloud storage or other type of connection from the list.

cyberduck full version 21.png

Download Cyberduck 6.6.2