How to create FTP Server on Windows 10 using CoreFTP
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How to create FTP Server on Windows 10 using CoreFTP

Hello, welcome to Backup Software Review website. Today we will guide you how to create FTP Server Windows 10. If you are willing to create your own Private Cloud Server our recommendation is to build your own FTP Server Windows. By having an FTP Server you can also share and transfer large files without restrictions. Building your own FTP Server is very easy. The most recent FTP software were designed for easy to install and easy to manage. Many of them comes with nice graphical user interface. This article will guide you how to build a reliable FTP Server on Windows 10. We are using CoreFTP Server on this exercise. By installing FTP Server on your Windows 10, you will have your own remote storage server. You can easily upload or download your files to the server easily.

CoreFTP at a Glance

What is CoreFTP and is it good enough? There are many FTP Server software available out there. You can find the free or paid one. CoreFTP is a well known FTP Server for Windows. You may check their website for more information.

CoreFTP Features:

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Support HTTPS, SSH/SFTP
  • Support Active Directory users
  • Simple user management
  • And many more

CoreFTP can be setup and run in few minutes. With this software we can have a fully functional FTP Server in less than 3 minutes.

How to create FTP Server Windows 10 using CoreFTP

First, you need to download the latest version of CoreFTP from the official website. Install it on your Windows PC or laptop or virtual machine. Once installed, run CoreFTP from application menu. You will need administrative privilege to run this software.

Setup a new Domain

Click Setup to create new domain.

  1. Give a unique name on the Domain name.
  2. Enter the IP/Address. Or you can simply use “localhost”.
  3. Specify the port. Default is 21. For security reason we recommend you to change this port into something else.
  4. Specify the base directory. This will be used as the based directory for any connected users.

Optionally you may activate HTTPS option for secure connection. Also, specify maximum connections and max conn per IP address.

Create new FTP User

Once we have setup a new domain, we need to create a new user. From the setup window, click on the domain we just created. Click New button on the user section to create new user.

Create FTP Server Windows

Enter the new user name and password. You can also specify the home directory of this new user. If you leave it blank, then the global home directory will be used.

Start the FTP Server

Finally start the FTP Server from the main window. You may want to run it as a system service as well.

How to connect to the FTP Server

After we create FTP Server Windows 10. Now we can try to connect to the FTP Server from other computer using FTP Client Software. On this example, I use WinSCP, a multi protocol file transfer software which support FTP and SFTP.

Enter the FTP Server address, username and password. Click Login to open the connection. Don’t forget to change the protocol to FTP.

Now you can see the remote FTP Server content. Simply drag and drop files or folders from the left (local) to the FTP Server.


It is very easy to create FTP Server Windows 10 using CoreFTP. In less than 5 minutest, we can have our Windows FTP Server ready for production.

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