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Comodo Firewall 10 Fair Review – The Best Free Firewall for Windows 10

Windows 10 already equipped with firewall system but most of you still need a third party firewall software. But the question is which is the best firewall available for free? Many big name of firewall developer come out such as Comodo Firewall, AVS Firewall and some other. Today, I am going to show you why I recommend Comodo Firewall 10 for Windows 10 users.

Main Window

comodo firewall 10 full version.png

Comodo Firewall 10 is very easy to use. It has a nice and simple user interface. As a firewall application, Comodo Firewall does it’s job very well. The free version comes with 4 different protections: Firewall, HIPS, Virus Scope and Website filtering.

Advanced View

To view more detailed information, we can easily switch to Advanced view. Here you can see the inbound and outbound activity and also other processes in more detail.

comodo firewall 10 advanced view.png

Accessing the advanced settings is very easy. In this advance menu, we can fine tune our firewall and other settings.

comodo firewall 10 advanced settings.png

Comodo Firewall 10 has 4 different firewall mode which allow us to select which is the best for our case. The default is safe mode which is pretty suitable for us.

Firewall Settings

Comodo Firewall 10 offers individual protection settings. It is pretty easy to add new rules to the firewall settings. We can also add specific applications to the list. We can either allow or block the application to access the internet.

setting firewall.png

Bottom Line

Managing firewall never been this easy. I switched to Comodo Firewall 10 because the built in Windows firewall does not perform very well. Also, previously I use ESET smart security. It is great software but Comodo Firewall is simply works better for me. If you are interested, you can download Comodo Firewall 10 for free.

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