Comodo Firewall 10 – Fair Review and Download Link

Comodo Firewall 10 is a popular firewall software for Windows. For anyone who needs a third party firewall outside Windows Firewall, you may try this Comodo Firewall 10. I just downloaded and installed Comodo Firewall 10 on my Windows 7.

Comodo Firewall 10 Installation

The installation is pretty straight forward. But, there is a step where asking to change the home page or Search page to Yahoo. If you don’t want it, you can skip it.

comodo firewall 10 full version install.png

Also, it will ask you to change the default web browser to Comodo Dragon. You may skip this step as well.

comodo firewall 10 full version install 1.png

After installation completed, you must reboot Windows.

After reboot, Comodo Firewall 10 should be enabled automatically. In my case, the network connection is automatically detected

comodo network join notification.png

Comodo Firewall 10 Features

What will you get with Comodo Firewall 10? Well, to be honest, this firewall software gives me more than I expected. There are many features that you will love. One feature that very interesting to me is the Run Virtual. With this feature, we can run an application inside a container which is isolated from the system.

virtual container comodo.png

When an applicatin runs in virtual mode, you will see green line outside the app window as above.

Managing the firewall is pretty easy. You can add new rules, edit or delete firewall rules easily.

comodo firewall 10 advanced settings.png

add new firewall rule in comodo.png

Comodo Firewall 10 is a perfect replacement for default Windows firewall. I do love the flexibility and features that come with this software.

Download Comodo Firewall 10 for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8

comodo firewall 10.png

Did I mentioned Comodo Firewall 10 comes with built in virus scanner? Well, I almost forget this. The VirusScope feature will add more layer to your computer security.

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