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Comodo Cloud Antivirus – Modern Cloud Based Antivirus

Todays technology is moving toward the cloud system. Even Antivirus is now based on Cloud technology. One of the most popular cloud antivirus is the Comodo Cloud Antivirus. This is a powerful, well known cloud antivirus that is available for FREE. Comodo Cloud Antivirus offers a real time protection to your assets. The cloud technology behind this antivirus is very powerful to fight against any new malware, viruses and unknown files.

comodo cloud antivirus full version

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is developed by the same developer of Comodo Firewall. We recommend to combine Comodo firewall with this Cloud antivirus to get the best protection. This review is not paid or sponsored by Comodo in any ways.

Combine Comodo Cloud Antivirus with Windows Defender

Most of Windows 10 users should have built in Windows Defender antivirus. Will this Cloud Antivirus conflicts with Windows Defender? During our tests, Comodo Cloud Antivirus does not conflict with Defender. But we recommend to choose one of them.

This antivirus installation size is pretty small. It is understandable since it does not shipped with bulky virus definition file. The detection is cloud based. The question is that this cloud antivirus will still effective while we are offline?

The Installation

comodo cloud antivirus quick scan.png

After installation, the quick scan will automatically started. We recommend you not to skip this Quick Scan to ensure your system is clean. A restart also required to complete the installation.

The Sandbox Feature

Comodo Cloud Antivirus comes with built in Sandbox feature. With this tool you can run your application inside an isolated container. Any damage or error caused by this application inside Sandbox will not affect your system.


comodo sandbox.png

The Settings

You may change some settings for this cloud antivirus freely. The Settings page offers various kind of customization including theme, exclusion settings, sandbox rules and settings and many more.

comodo cloud settings.png

Bottom Line

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a new way to get protected. This antivirus offers a nice and simple way to protect your computer. It is pretty lightweight and only consume low CPU resources during scan process. I would recommend this free antivirus to Windows users. And also we recommend to combine this Comodo Cloud Antivirus with Comodo Firewall. Download Now.

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