CloudBerry Backup for Linux – Powerful Backup Tool for Linux
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CloudBerry Backup for Linux – Powerful Backup Tool for Linux

Looking for a powerful backup software for Linux Server? CloudBerryLab, the popular backup software developer offers a powerful backup software for Linux. Meet CloudBerry Backup for Linux, a native backup software for Linux Server. There are few developers that ports their software to Linux ecosystem. There are various reasons why Linux is not so popular among them. Apart from that, today we are going to review the CloudBerry Backup for Linux. You may download the free trial of this program for free.

With this backup tool, we can backup our data to many cloud storage. CloudBerry supports more than 20 different cloud storage recently. It is good to know that Linux users now can backup their data to the cloud very easy.

cloudberry backup for linux

CloudBerry Backup for Linux Features

We do love this Linux backup software. There are many features that very useful for most users.

  • Nice and simple user interface
  • Supports many cloud storage
  • Wizard based backup configuration
  • Stable and very easy to use

How to install CloudBerry Backup for Linux

We test this software on our Ubuntu 17.10 system. It works very well and the it can be installed in less than a minute.

First, you need to download the installer from the link below. It supports Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RedHat and derivatives.

Download CloudBerry for Linux

Now install it with the following command (Ubuntu/Debian)

sudo dpkg -i ubuntu14_CloudBerryLab_CloudBerryBackup_v2.1.0.81_20170918183228.deb

Next, open CloudBerry from your application list. On the first run, you will need to select the version of the CloudBerry

You can choose the Home Edition which is free. Or, you can start the 15 days trial version. Click Next and enter your email and name to obtain free registration key.

Click Finish and the Cloudberry Backup main window will open up.

Now you can start backup your Linux computer to cloud storage.


CloudBerry for Linux is a great cloud backup solution for Linux users. It comes with a nice user interface and it’s pretty stable. We can perform backup and restore within this application. If you are Linux users we think that this software is worth the money. Invest some money for your cloud backup.

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