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Cerberus FTP Server 9 Full Version Review and Download

FTP is still a good choice for an enterprise to upload and backup their data to a remote server. But, choosing a good FTP Server could be tricky since there are many good FTP Server software available out there. Cerberus FTP Server is one of the best FTP Server software for Windows. It supports Windows Server, Windows 7, 8 and also Windows 10. I had a chance to review the new version of Cerberus FTP Server and will share with you here on this website.

Cerberus is an enterprise-grade FTP Server that comes with many premium features. There are several editions you can choose. The Personal edition, which allows max 20 simultaneous connection cost about $89. It’s not a cheap one but it worth the money when you need a secure, reliable FTP Server. You can try this software for 25 days (as Enterprise Edition) to explore all features inside.

Cerberus FTP Server Features

  • Supports FTP, SFTP, HTTPS protocols
  • Active Directory and LDAP supports
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • IP Auto banning
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Easy to install and configure

Cerberus FTP Server comes with built-in web FTP client. You don’t have to install any software on the client side in order to upload or download files from the FTP Server. During installation, this software can automatically detect and configure the public IP address on your network.


Web Administration Console

Cerberus FTP full version offers an easy way to manage the FTP Server from a centralized location. You can manage your server from the built-in administration console locally. You can also access the web administration console from other computers.

cerberus ftp server

We can perform all administrative tasks from the console, for example, add new users, monitor user’s activity, block IP address, and many more. With this software, the administrator can easily create a detailed report and audit for the FTP Server.

Sync to Other Cerberus Server

If you have more than one server, you can sync your servers. Simply activate the Sync features and connect your current Cerberus server to the other server.

This is my first time testing this great FTP server software. I feel very confident using this software. It is very easy to understand all the menu and settings. You can turn your Windows 10 to a powerful and rich features FTP Server in no time with Cerberus FTP Server. You can download the Enterprise version for 25 days with all features unlocked. Get your own copy here.

Support Active Directory

This is another great feature of this Cerberus FTP Server full version. It supports Active Directory as well as LDAP Server. Simply connect the server with the existing AD or LDAP.

Connect to the FTP Server

I tested to connect to Cerberus server from Ubuntu using Nautilus. And, it works.

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