Bitcan Cloud Backup – Reliable Web Based Cloud Backup
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Bitcan Cloud Backup – Reliable Web Based Cloud Backup

This is the first time reviews and test a web based Cloud Backup service. And today we are going to write reviews of the BitCan. It’s not a familiar name for us and may be for you as well. But, you might don’t know if they have a great cloud backup service. We hope this short Bitcan review will give you a brainstorming about Bitcan services and features.

Bitcan offers a different way to perform backup. Not like many other backup providers, Bitcan does not offers client to download and install a complex backup software on client computer. Rather than using desktop application, Bitcan provide a centralized web dashboard. The web dashboard is the main control system where we can manage backups.

Bitcan Features

Bitcan supports traditional files backup and also supports various databases. You can backup your MongoDB, MySQL or MariaDB, as well as your files and folders. It supports Linux, Unix and Windows. There are several key features of Bitcan Cloud Backup

  • Easy to use web dashboard
  • Easy to setup
  • Fast and easy connectivity
  • Automated backup
  • Integrated Recover and Restore feature
  • Elastic storage
  • Secure and reliable backup

For more information about what Bitcan can do for you, please visit the official website.

Bitcan Review

We need to download and install the Bitcan agent on every computer or server we want to backup. This agent will connect and communicate with Bitcan web dashboard where we can control our backup tasks.

bitcan review
Bitcan Dashboard – Connected Servers
bitcan cloud backup
Backup tasks

It is great to have Bitcan handle our backup jobs. We can easily backup MySQL or MongoDB databases or simply backup documents on my laptops. Watch the following video to see how this backup system works.


Final Thoughts

Bitcan Cloud Backup is a great way to backup your files and databases. The backup schema and web dashboard on Bitcan is very easy to use. The automatic backup scheduler really helpful. Thanks for reading this Bitcan Review. We hope this short review can give you a better visualize of this great cloud backup solution.

Our Score
  • User Interface5.0
  • Performance5.0
  • Usability5.0
  • Features4.0
  • Price5.0

Bitcan Cloud Backup is a reliable cloud backup solution for your files. You can even backup your MySQL and MongoDB databases via it's nice web dashboard.

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4.8Overall Score

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