Download Biometric Fingerprint Reader 2.0 Plugin For FileMaker

This is the new version of Biometric Fingerprint Reader 2.0. This plugin will enable your FileMaker Pro solution to recognize any registered users without having to type password or swipe cards. It is important to upgrade your current security system to allow the fast identification. The Biometric Fingerprint Reader 2.0 brings new updates and bug fixes on board.

If you are new to Biometric Fingerprint Reader, this software solution has many things to offer such as:

  • Use fingerprints for accurate time and attendance tracking. If you have many employees and you need to track their attendance, use fingerprint for more accurate and hard to manipulate.
  • Improve your loss prevention system by using fingerprints
    • Create accountability by linking the fingerprint information to other actions.

Watch the video overview

Download and Pricing

The Biometric Fingerprint Reader 2.0 full version pricing starting from $200 for 1 user. For more information and download link, please visit the official website.

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