The Best Way to Backup Dropbox to External Drive
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The Best Way to Backup Dropbox to External Drive

I am working on a company which relies on Dropbox for the main data storage. They put every company data into Dropbox and then share the data with many employees. Well, for some reason this is a handy way to share data with users. Users/employees can work anywhere as long as they have the internet connection. But when it comes to data security, I personally don’t like this system. Let’s say if someone deletes my files, I will lose access to those files once Dropbox synced the data. It’s a bit hard to get the data back. The Dropbox web interface sometimes doesn’t help much.

Even you are in a cloud environment, data backup is still very important. Dropbox is not a backup. It will sync your local files with the cloud. Everything you delete in the local storage, it will be deleted as well from the cloud. If your Dropbox is shared with many people, you have higher chance to mess up with your data. On this article, I am going to review some backup software or solution that can be used to Backup Dropbox to External Drive.

The Best Way to Backup Dropbox to External Drive


FBackup is a powerful, rich features backup software for Windows that comes with many features. It is free for personal use. FBackup comes with a nice user interface. FBackup supports many backup destinations such as a local disk, external disk, network drive, and also some cloud storages. You can store your backup in Google Drive, Amazon S3 and many more.

The free version is limited to Google Drive and Dropbox for the cloud storage and lack of FTP and SFTP server. But for me, these are good enough.

FBackup also supports various backup types such as full backup, mirror, smart, differential and also incremental. These features often exist on commercial backup software only.

You can then schedule the backup with it’s built-in scheduler and email notification system. The free version only allows us to use Full and Mirror backup mode. FBackup is a great backup solution for you who looking for a free and rich features backup solution. Download FBackup from this link.


Duplicati is another free backup solution for you. It supports Linux, Mac, and Windows environments. Duplicati comes with so many backup destinations. There are many cloud storages supported by Duplicati including Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive & S3, Google Drive,, Mega, hubiC and many others. It also supports FTP, SSH, WebDAV server.

Duplicati does not have a dedicated UI. It uses your web browser to manage all the backup process. Duplicati has a built-in AES-256 encryption system that will improve your backup security over the internet.

Duplicati can be managed from a local computer and also from another computer. You need to enable remote access feature from the Duplicati Settings page. Read how Duplicati is a great backup solution for Linux users.

IPerius Backup

IPerius Backup is a commercial backup solution for Windows. You can use this software to backup your Dropbox folder to an external drive. Iperius Backup has many other features you can use to backup your data to cloud storage.

Iperius done a great job on every backup we test. The only thing that most people don’t like is the fact that the backup creation wizard is too long. There are too many steps in order to create a new single backup. But other than that, Iperius Backup is a recommended backup solution for Windows users. We tested to backup 500 GB Dropbox folder to our external drive.

Download Iperius Backup for Free


FreeFileSync is a synchronization software that can be used to backup Dropbox folder to external drive. Not like other software in this list, FreeFileSync only allows sync mode. It does not have incremental or differential backup mode. This software will copy anything inside your backup source. You will have an exact folder with the same contents. FreeFileSync supports scheduling as well.

The user interface is a bit complicated at first. But after few trials, you should be familiar with this software. FreeFileSync will compare the backup source and destination. Then, it will start the backup process after you specify how the backup will be done.

Download FreeFileSync

There are still many software out there you can use to backup Dropbox to external drive. Software like EASEUS ToDo Backup, Acronis True Image are also great software. But you may don’t want to spend a lot of money for this kind of task. Backup Dropbox to external drive does not require complex and expensive software. You can use free software as in this article. Thank you and see you.


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