Bandizip 6.13 – Free and Smart Compression Software for Windows

I was asked to install WInZip or WinRAR on my mate’s computer. Since those software are not free, I suggest to use the free alternative of WinZip. And to be honest, there are many free compression software that can do as good as WinZip. One of the great compression software is Bandizip. You may not familiar with BandiZip but let me tell you that this is a great piece of software.

BandiZip comes with a minimalist but easy to understand interface. Compared to 7Zip, Bandizip is way better in term of interface. The new BandiZip 6.13 is available when this article is being written. And this review is based on Bandizip 6.13.


Bandizip is very easy to use. After installing Bandizip, you will need to make Bandizip as default software to handle compressed files. After that, you can simply right click on any zipped files and select Bandizip to extract or open the file. Bandizip will also display a preview of the zip file when you right click on it.

bandizip preview file.png

Before you actually extract the archive, you can also test it first. It will do a dry run of the extraction process.

bandizip test file.png

Final Thoughts

Bandizip is a great software to handle archive, zipped files. It can be the best alternative to WinZip and WinRAR. Download Bandizip Now.

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