Backup to Amazon Glacier using FastGlacier 3.5.9

Welcome to BestBackup.site, place where you can find the best backup software for your business. Today we will show you how to backup to Amazon Glacier using FastGlacier. FastGlacier is a powerful backup software for Windows that specialize in Amazon Glacier cloud storage. On this tutorial, we will show you how easy to backup our data to Amazon Glacier with FastGlacier.

What is Amazon Glacier?

Amazon Glacier is a part of Amazon AWS Services that provide a backup solution for infrequently accessed data. Please keep in mind that Glacier is not a traditional backup solution. This service is not designed for fast retrieval data like Amazon S3 for example. In case you want to retrieve your files, you will need 3 to 5 hours to complete. So, Glacier is specially designed for backup data that is not frequently accessed.

Your files and folders that are stored in Glacier containers, called vaults. The data (files and folders) inside vaults are considered as “archives”. These archives can be a file or zipped multiple files. This archive can be as large as 40 TB in size. If you want to get your data back, you will request it by archive. If you want to keep your data in the cloud but you don’t want to access it frequently, Amazon Glacier is for you.

How to Backup to Amazon Glacier using FastGlacier

Actually there are many ways to backup data to Amazon Glacier. Stay tuned on this website because we will keep update our cloud backup software list. I assume you already have Amazon AWS account. You can create new Amazon AWS account if you don’t have it yet.

A. Create Vault

Before we can store data to Amazon Glacier, we need to create vault first. Log in to Amazon AWS Console and go to Glacier section and create new Vault. I am not going to discuss any further about this. Maybe next time we will cover about Glacier more detail.

backup to amazon glacier

Here are my Vaults on Amazon Glacier

B. Connect FastGlacier with Amazon Glacier

Now we need to add new Glacier account to FastGlacier application. From the main window, go to File | Add Account.

Enter your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key here. You can also enable the option to secure transfer using SSL/TLS feature. Click Add new Account to save your new account. Now you should be able to see your vaults in FastGlacier window

At this point we are ready to upload our files for backup.

C. Start Backup

To backup, simply select your vault, and then click Upload button and select your files or folder. You can also drag and drop files from Windows explorer.

That’s it. Thanks for reading this tutorial how to backup to Amazon Glacier using FastGlacier.

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