How to Backup SQL Database to Google Drive using SQLBackupAndFTP

How to Backup SQL Database to Google Drive using SQLBackupAndFTP

Welcome to Today we are going to try and show you how to backup SQL Database to Google Drive. We are using SQLBackupAndFTP to complete this backup job. As you know, SQLBackupAndFTP is a nice SQL Backup Solution that can backup SQL Databases and store the backup on various online storage such as Google Drive, Amazon S3 etc. It is very easy to use.

With this tool, SQL Backup to Google Drive can be done in no time. Thanks to great user interface design which is great for new users. Database backup is a critical task for most database administrator. By keeping the backup offsite such as in Google Drive or other cloud storage, it will increase the security and availability.

Steps to backup SQL database to Google Drive using SQLBackupAndFTP

  1. Download and install SQLBackupAndFTP
  2. Open the program
  3. Create a new backup job
  4. Enter the SQL Server name and login information. This program supports both Windows authentication and SQL Server Authentication
  5. Select databases you want to backup
  6. Select backup destination
  7. Enable schedule backup (optional)
  8. Configure email notification (optional)

See the following illustration to connect your SQL Server

Select SQL database. You may select more than one databases at once

Add the backup destination

Google Drive

Click Authorize button and you will need to log in to your Google Drive account. Copy the authorization code from your web browser back to SQLBackupAndFTP. Save and Close when done. Click Advanced Google Drive Settings to see more options such as full backup, Differential and folder backup.

backup sql database to google drive

Watch the following video on how to backup SQL database using SQL Backup Master

Thanks for reading this tutorial. See you on the next one. Stay tuned on this website.

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