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Backblaze Review 2017- Unlimited Online Backup for Windows

Hello welcome to BestBackup. Here you will find a short Backblaze Review. Backblaze is a popular online backup service which offer unlimited storage on every backup plans. If you are looking for a simple cloud backup solution for your data, Backblaze could be for you. It comes with a minimalist style client software. There are not many things you can modify. It simply works. Like many other cloud backup services, Backblaze will backup everything that exist on your computer (except Windows system and applications). It also backup any external drives that connected to your PC.

Backblaze Plans and Pricing

There is only one backup plan for personal user. Based on the official website, you will be charged for $5 per month per computer. But you will get discount if you subscribe for 1 year payment option. Free Trial is available for 15 days. You can obtain your free trial account from this link.

Backblaze Review

by Team

We know there are bunch of cloud backup software out there. But there are several reasons why we love Backblaze. Please note that we do not affiliate with Backblaze. These are our own thought and we were trying to as fair as possible.

First of all, we were surprised by Backblaze plan and pricing. With only $5 per month per computer we can get an unlimited backup storage and bunch features. The backup process is secure with the private encryption key. The upload speed also improved with threaded upload speed feature.

The Backblaze client software also very easy to use. It doesn’t take a lot of time to configure the backup. This program will automatically scan and configure automatic backup for you. You are allowed to add exception to the backup if you want.

backblaze review

My first backup took few days to complete. But the next backup its a lot quicker because it will only backup any new files from my computer.

What we don’t like

This is the part that we don’t like much. The client software does not come with the ability to restore data. We need to go to the website and restore our data from there. I was expecting a better restore option rather than having to go to the web version.

Another thing that needs to be improved is the old file retention. Backblaze only keep our old files for 30 days while many other online backup service give a lifetime file versioning. If I were running the display over there, the only improvement I’d produce to the provider is to offer a choice for unlimited versioning. This could be a critical reason if people want to switch to Backblaze.

Final Thought

Backblaze is great for anyone who needs a simple data backup solution. It’s a set and forget kind of software. But for power users, this backup software won’t fit their needs. But again, with only $5 per month per computer and unlimited storage plus some other great features, you cannot ignore this Backblaze at all.

Thanks for reading this Backblaze Review. Cheers

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