AutoBackup for MySQL Professional Edition 4.1

Looking for a simple and backup tool for your MySQL servers? AutoBackup for MySQL Professional Edition is one of the easiest MySQL backup software for Windows. You can automate your backup process of the local and remote servers. This backup software offers a simple way to backup single or multiple databases at once. The wizard-based menu is really helpful.

Backup is a critical and important thing that we should put in the first priority. There are many MySQL backup software available out there. But choosing the right one could be tricky. Today I am going to review the Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition. We can download the trial version which limits the backup rows on each table we backup.

Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition full version comes with many features such as:

  • Backup MySQL database to SQL file
  • Migrate or backup MySQL Databases from one server to another
  • Backup single database to another database
  • Export MySQL tables and views
  • Wizard-based user interface
  • Multiple tasks support
  • Easy to use

To create a new back up task, go to Task | New Task. The task wizard will open up. Select the backup type from the list. There are several backup scenarios available.

Enter your MySQL Server credentials.

Next, select the database to backup.

Now provide the backup destination

In the next step, you can choose to compress the backup file if you want. Also, you can configure the backup schedule.

To Restore from a backup file, the Auto Backup MySQL will automatically detect and list our backup file.

Our Thoughts

Auto Backup MySQL Professional Edition is a good backup solution for your MySQL databases. Personally, I do like the backup database to another server feature. This type of backup let us create a copy of our existing database in another server. During our tests, the backup and restore tasks completed successfully.

To be honest, the Auto Backup MySQL Professional full version cost pretty high. It is about $77 per license. Also, the free trial version does not help too much. We can only backup 50 records per table. So, I cannot test the backup and restore success rate on a huge dataset. Anyway, you may download the software from this link.


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