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ASCOMP BackUp Maker 7.3 – Simple Files and Folders Backup for Windows

There are many bad things that can cause data loss. Viruses, computer crashes are the most common cause of the data loss. No matter how good your anti-virus is, data backup is always important. But, choosing a good backup software sometimes can be tricky. Today, I am going to write a short review of ASCOMP BackUp Maker, a free backup solution for Windows. I am using BackUp Maker version 7.3.

ASCOMP BackUp Maker is a simple and easy to use backup software for Windows. It can be used to back up files and folders to LAN, DVD ROM and also to FTP Server.

User Interface

BackUp Maker comes with a simple and nice user interface. On the main window, there are two huge button. Backup and Restore button. They both well self explained though. The Backup button will guide you to create a new backup tasks.

The wizard-based backup configuration is very user friendly.

What to Backup?

If you are expecting to backup your operating system including installed software and data, then you will be disappointed. BackUp Maker only supports files and folders backup type. If you really need to backup your system, and/or disk, partitions, I would recommend AOMEI Backupper Pro.

Backup Destination

BackUp Maker supports local folder, network shared folder and DVD/CD ROM, and FTP server as the backup destination. Unfortunately this backup software does not support cloud storage. It would be great if we can store the backup in Google Drive, Amazon S3 or other services.

There are two different back up types available: full backup and partial backup.

We also need to setup the backup schedule. But the schedule seems a bit limited. There is no way to set the backup schedule to weekly or monthly.

There are some settings you can change.


BackUp Maker is suitable for you who needs a really simple backup software but lack of full system backup capability and cloud storage supports. The BackUp Maker is available for free for the personal use. But, you can also purchase the professional edition for $25 which you can use it for commercial use. Get it Now.

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