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Arq Backup – Powerful Cloud Backup client

Are you ready for cloud backup? Is your system ready for the cloud backup? There are many cloud backup software available out there. Today, we are going to review the Arq backup, a simple cloud backup solution for you. Arq Backup offers a simple and easy way to backup your files to various cloud storage. It supports Dropbox, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Backblaze, Google Drive, One Drive and also local folder or drives.

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  • Encrypted backup
  • Supports multiple cloud storage
  • Simple user interface client
  • Easy to restore

Arq Backup focuses on quick setup and backup security. If you have tried other cloud backup software, they maybe complicated to get your first backup. But Arq backup offers a better and faster way to setup your backup. It stores multiple versions of your files. You can easily go back to previous version any time at no time.

If you like simplicity, you will love Arq backup. The latest version of Arq Backup 5.11 is now available for download. You can try it for free. If you are satisfied, you can upgrade to Arq Backup full version for only $49.99.

Arq Client Software

You will get a native Windows application (client software). You can configure, add your backup source and destination from this application. This client software works pretty well on Windows 10 and during our test, we don’t get any errors. There are only few things we can change via the Settings menu.

Do not expect a fancy user interface. Arq desktop client comes with a simple and minimalist features and design.

Download Arq

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