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AOMEI PE Builder 2.0 Review and Download

When your system can’t start up and breaks down due to virus attack, don’t worry about. You can rescue system with tools snap-in the Windows PE created by AOMEI PE Builder. AOMEI PE Builder is a free AOMEI upper back or AOMEI partition assistant’s assistant, as well as a free software, can be installed without aik/waik cases, based on the Windows PE (Windows preinstallation environment) to create a bootable environment to CD/DVD, USB flash drive or ISO file. If you forget administrator password when you want to enter computer. You can also change or remove login password with NTPWEdit tool snap-in the Windows PE created by AOMEI PE builder.

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Now AOMEI PE Builder 2.0 has released! What’s new in AOMEI PE Builder Version 2.0:

  1. Support to download Windows 10 recovery environment to create a Windows PE bootable media.
  2. Support to cancel operations during the creation of a Windows PE bootable media
  3. Add new function :Windows PE can guide the media to support EFI and legacy BIOS boot mode.
  4. Now AOMEI PE Builder fully support Windows 10/Vista/XP.
  5. Update built-in tools
  6. Fixed some known issues.

More details from here:

Main Features of AOMEI PE Builder:

Familiar Windows Interface

AOMEI integrates desktop, Windows explorer, start menu, and taskbar into the WinPE environment when you create the WinPE bootable disk. This makes it easy and effortless for you to manage files and documents, just like using Windows operating system.

No AIK/WAIK Installation

Usually, you have to pre-install Windows AIK or WAIK, or prepare a Windows installer to create a Windows PE media. AOMEI PE Builder allows you to create a Windows PE boot disk without having to install aik/waik. It will save your valuable time and energy!

Pack Portable Tools & Drivers

Except many built-in tools in AOMEI PE Builder, you can still specify your own Windows PE through the following two functions:

Add Files: Include more portable tools you like into WinPE bootable disk.

Add Drivers: Add multiple drivers to WinPE bootable media to recognize more hardware.

Support Network

WinPE can be connected to the network if it is created by AOMEI PE Builder;Through the Internet, you can:

Off-line antivirus: You can download directly anti-virus software off-line version in Windows PE system when the computer is locked and can’t remove viruses/Trojans due to viruses attack.

Maintain system: System administrator can easily maintain systems of computers which have different hardware. For example, you can easily backup system to NAS or network shared directory.

Creating Environment Download Supported

If you don’t have a Windows PE creation environment on your computer, or if you want to create Windows PE based on Win10, then the PE Builder can download and automatically create Windows PE. Download the shared Windows PE creating environment on cloud services manually can be achieved .

Double-Boot-Mode Supported

The bootable media you create is compatible with both Legacy BIOS and UEFI,therefore you don’t have to create two medias for those two boot modes separately.


AOMEI PE Builder is a very useful and practical tool. In addition, the included partition manager and recovery software make it even easier to deal with broken operating systems, as well as to pre-configure computers before installing their OS. AOMEI PE Builder will save you a lot of time and money in system protection and maintenance. Try it Now!

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