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Active@ File Recovery 7.0 – Powerful File Recovery Software for Windows

While backup plays an important role on computing activities, there are another things that you should know when you lost your files no matter why. When you lost your data due to accidentally deletion, virus attack or even hard disk reformatted, you still have a chance to gain your data back. Well, it may not 100 % restored but there is still a hope. All you need is Active@ File Recovery. This software will scan your disks and partitions to find any lost files.

Based on it’s website and user manual, Active File Recovery will scan and restore files and folders that have been deleted on existing drives. Moreover, this tool can be used to restore files on a damaged partitions.

Active File Recovery Features

Do not think that file recovery is a technician work. You, at any level of computing experiences can perform scan and file recovery with this tool. Active File Recovery comes with a simple, easy to use user interface.

active file recovery.PNG

On its main window, you will see all your connected drives shown on the left panel. Any available recovery and scan tool can be accessed from the top bar.

There are two different scans avilable Quick Scan and Super Scan. The Quick Scan will quickly scan your drives for any lost file. If you need more power, go for the Super Scan which will perform deep scan but take longer to complete. The SuperScan will also detect for any deleted or damaged partitions on almost any file systems.

superscan features.PNG

Last but not least, there is another recovery option called Last Chance Recovery. When QuickScan and SuperScan still cannot find your files, then you must go for the Last Chance recovery. This method will detect all un-fragmented files based on their standard signatures.

lastchance recovery.PNG


Download and Installation

To download and see how to install this program, please read our previous post to read How to install Active@ File Recovery on Windows. There is no special note during the installation process. Active File Recovery is not a freeware. You may download the free trial version but if you really need to recover your files, you must go for the full version.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a great time to try this Active File Recovery. The program is very easy to use. This is one of our favorite file recovery software. Compared to Auslogic File Recovery, Active File Recovery seems to have more features and file system supports. But to be honest, both software are worth the money.

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